The curtain is called and the lights are dimmed. Their popcorn and cola are ready and the cell phones are off. Sitting in a movie chair, we are ready to be introduced to characters that we will remember forever. From the Wild West to wacky hotel rooms, Hollywood has introduced us to so many colorful and memorable players that have changed the way we view the game.

It would be impossible to mention each of them in a single article. While we will always remember Raymond Babbit from ‘Rainman’ and Axel Freed from ‘The Gambler’, as well as many other notable and colorful characters, let’s take a look at some of the most colorful and interesting characters we’ve ever met. through the miracle of the Hollywood game.

Danny Ocean, too cool for an actor

Danny Ocean’s character comes from the movie “Oceans 11”. The character was introduced to us in 1960 when he was played by none other than the legendary Frank Sinatra. The film received a remake in 2001 with George Clooney playing the role and was later turned into a series of films that skyrocketed to success.

Danny Ocean is a player who lives in Las Vegas, who at 22 years old meets a man named Reuben Tishkoff who helps him become a better player. But both have consequences and Danny ruins himself, ultimately ending up in jail. It is when he comes out that he uses his gambling skills and becomes a master thief and con man.

Alan Garner, the real protagonist

Alan Garner was the main reason audiences were left in stitches during the 2009 hit movie “The Hangover.” Played by Zack Galifianakis, Alan is a one-man pack of wolves who plays with anything. Very often with results that are so incredible or unreal that the movie was stolen. This cheerful gamer was a hit in all three “The Hangover” movies.

Nicky Santoro from the movies.

In 1995, actor Joe Pesci played the real-life gamer, Nicky Santoro, and the right-hand man of the mob boss, Remo Gaggi, in the movie “Casino.” Nicky was a complete psychopath who did not think about killing who he thought was a threat to him or his boss. Pesci played this role with such vigor that Santoro will always be on our minds. Those who knew the Santoro in real life say that Pesci’s depiction of him was much scarier than the real man.

Frank Theodorakis is in the house

Gambling addict Frank Theodorakis – in the movie “The House” – convinces his neighbors Scott and Kate Johansen to open an Argentina slots casino game in their house, to help them earn money so their daughter can go to college. Played by Jason Mantzoukas, this hysterically fun and colorful character changes the lives of the entire neighborhood through his own addiction to gambling and by teaching his neighbors that the house always wins.

Four colorful characters, played by five great actors, who made us love them and their game.